ELine Entertainment Inc (EEGI) control block has been sold. The interim management and Mina Mar Group who represented EEGI in the transaction are assisting new permanent management in the transfer of control and orderly transaction.

The interim management and MMG do not know who or what new business model will be in control of EEGI. We can advise the company followers that the backer (purchaser) is a venture capital firm. MMG has heard of them and they have funded many successful other transactions. The defective date change of control is set to be within the next 30 to 45 days from July 1 2017. The purchaser has already retained a barrister to assist EEGI with filings in aim of becoming current.

You may follow MMG on Twitter @minamargroup for any further updates or email EEGI IR at eegi@email.com

News and announcements will follow shortly in a timely manner!


E Line Entertainment Inc (EEGI)
Interim Management